• Main Street Organization meeting with City of Kilgore under Mayor Mickey Smith. Jack Elder, nudged by whisper from Winter, suggested the derricks of Kilgore needed to be restored.



  • Mayor Smith, as part of new Main Street Program, led efforts to organize and charter Kilgore Historic Preservation Foundation with three original incorporating board members: Mayor Smith, Rob Schleier and Ronnie Spradlin.
  • First steel derrick restored in February by Kilgore First National Bank with a celebration that included Red Adair.
  • Main Street Resource Team visited Kilgore and suggested the reconstruction of 50 derricks would restore the historic Kilgore skyline. The City Commission, led by Mayor Smith, committed to restore 2 derricks, and the derrick restoration project was underway.
  • Christmas lights were added to restored derricks. Merry Christmas banner was added by co-sponsors KIBA & KHPF



  • Received National Trust for Historic Preservation Planning Grant for Crim and Texan Theater restoration
  • First sites acquired on World’s Richest Acre and three derricks were restored, in the block with the original derrick on that site which was owned by Kilgore Improvement and Beautification Association.



  • Five Derricks were dedicated at the World’s Richest Acre
  • Crim Benefit “Strike It Rich”
  • KHPF won the Anice Read Award for creative historic preservation
  • Crim/Texan planning study completed by Killis Almond, architect, and team from the Assoc. of Historic American Theaters



  • Crim/Texan roofs replaced
  • World’s Richest Acre Park created and design approved
  • Hooray for Hollywood” benefit



  • Texas A&M University architectural students complete master plan for Crim/Texan Theaters
  • Crim/Texan Gala held
  • George Peppard benefit reception held



  • Two additional derricks dedicated at World’s Richest Acre Park
  • Shoji Tabuchi benefit concert held
  • Counselor’s Quartet fund raiser held
  • Happy New Year” banner added to World’s Richest Acre Christmas Lighting
  • First “Christmas in the Patch” celebration with Derrick Lighting filmed by CNN
  • Six existing original derricks located throughout Kilgore came under KHPF
  • First lease with Union Pacific Railroad acquired and Commerce Street downtown right-of-way was fenced



  • Chamber of Commerce held a benefit golf tournament for KHPF
  • Gary P. Nunn, “From Austin City Limits to Kilgore City Limits,” fund raiser
  • Dino Kartsonakis fund raising concert
  • World’s Richest Acre Park bricks and pavers go on sale
  • Crim/Texan environmental study completed
  • Crim/Texan clean-out accomplished
  • 10’ scale miniature derricks on downtown street corners initiated – a realization of Mickey Smith’s statement “I wish we had a derrick on every corner” and A. P. Merritt’s inspiration from a line of Christmas trees at the Galleria in Houston
  • City designates portion of hotel/motel tax to theater restoration project



  • Union Pacific Railroad donates use of downtown Commerce Street right-of-way executing long-term lease with KHPF for derrick restoration
  • Restrooms constructed on right-of-way
  • Dino Kartsonakis encore fund raiser
  • Blackwood Quartet fund raising event
  • Crim Theater 55th Anniversary Party
  • Meadowbrook Addition designated an official historic neighborhood



  • Five additional derricks dedicated
  • Always Patsy Cline” benefit performance
  • Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra benefit concert


  • Meadowbrook Addition historic marker signs initiated with over 40 homes
  • Construction begins on WRA Park



  • Crim exterior renovation to rear of building completed
  • Crim Theater neon and upper façade completed
  • Four derricks dedicated on 66th anniversary day of Daisy Bradford discovery well
  • Always Patsy Cline” return performance
  • Crim/Texan exteriors painted
  • Stage, pumpjack, pavers and bricks installed at World’s Richest Acre Park


1997 – KHPF 10th Year

  • Tenth Anniversary Celebration of KHPF
  • Ten derricks dedicated – a total of 37 new derricks constructed
  • Doug Supernaw benefit concert
  • Holiday Happenings in Historic Homes” tour initiated in Meadowbrook Addition: Boswell-Linn, The Nanny’s House, Noyes-DeSantis, McMurrey.



  • Amoco sign added to right-of-way
  • Additional derricks reconstructed
  • Holiday Happenings in Historic Homes: Anding-Almand-Leath, Brown-Russell-Renshaw, Goldman-McCubbin, Lucas-Crisman-Jones.



  • US Postal Service removed & restored the Murals prior to moving to new facility
  • KHPF worked with USPS to locate murals at the East Texas Oil Museum temporarily
  • Worked with City of Kilgore to acquire original Post Office building
  • Acquired long-term lease of Post Office for future city museum, anchoring south end of historic downtown corridor
  • Began restoration of Post Office by getting building in the dry
  • Additional derricks constructed.
  • Holiday Happenings in Historic Homes: Almand-Witt, Herndon-Gertz-Spinks, Landrum-Holland, Hold-Merritt Potato Barn.



  • Descendents of W. N. and Eudora Crim donated the Dean-Keener-Crim (DKC) Home and land, anchoring north end of historic downtown corridor. Featured on holiday home tour.
  • Texan Theater restoration plan developed
  • Christmas Tree Park planned for lot across from DKC home
  • Additional derricks constructed
  • Holiday Happenings in Historic Homes: Bean-Sadler-Simmons, Collins-Griffin, Frank Brown-Miller, Ballard-Steph.



  • Two derricks, “Christmas trees” and historic oilfield equipment installed in first stage of Christmas Tree Park
  • Historic oil company sign installed in first stage of development of oilfield equipment display along Commerce St. downtown railroad right-of-way
  • DKC home restoration begun with leveling, and plumbing and wiring repairs
  • Trees planted at DKC home site by KIBA, make a difference day
  • Six derricks dedicated.
  • Sounds of Swing fundraiser featuring Tara Watson, Miss Texas.
  • Heritage Holiday in Historic Homes: Crim-Kubiak, Dean-Keener-Crim, Weinberg-Day, Wills-Long



  • Texan repairs begun
  • Echoes From Forgotten Streets published
  • Post Office restoration fund established, funded by book sales
  • Privacy fence installed at Christmas Tree Park through Purchase-a-Picket fundraising solicitation
  • Additional derricks constructed
  • Trail of Lights kick-off Lighting Ceremony, under Crim Theater Marquee with fireworks show
  • Community Christmas tree installed at Heritage Square in Kilgore Street between Texan Theater and Old Post Office building which was used as Trail of Lights Marketplace.
  • Heritage Holiday in Historic Home: Brown-Adamson-Woodfin, Dean-Keener-Crim, Elder-Laird, Edmonds-Brian.



  • Preservation study & master plan for restoration/development of DKC home completed TX Historic Commission grant
  • Six derricks dedicated
  • Swing with the Red, White & Blue Fund raiser featuring “Sounds of Swing”
  • Trail of Lights kick-off Lighting Ceremony, under Crim Theater Marquee with Laser show
  • Old Post Office building used as Trail of Lights Marketplace.
  • Heritage Holiday in Historic Homes: Masters-Crowley, McWilliams-Crouse, Bass-Cox, Wickham-Colley.



  • Texan Theater exterior renovations completed
  • Pipe fence finished, Christmas Tree Park
  • Dedication of Lufkin Pumping Unit and Christmas Tree Park held
  • Additional derricks constructed
  • Trail of Lights kick-off Lighting Ceremony, Post Office Interior (rain). Snowhill adjacent to World’s Richest Acre Park.
  • Heritage Holiday in Historic Homes: Meadowbrook Country Club, Stanley-Renshaw, Reynolds-Rosen, Leath-Stanton.



  • Entrance sign added, Christmas Tree Park
  • National Preservation Month activities.
  • Dr. Archie McDonald’s “History of Texas Through Music”
  • Participation in 75th Anniversary of East Texas Oilfield discovery
  • Additional derricks constructed, exceeding original goal of 50 derricks to restore the historic skyline.
  • Derrick dedicated for Mickey Smith
  • Completion of environment study and painting of DKC home
  • New Merry Christmas banner purchased and installed.
  • Trail of Lights kick-off Lighting Ceremony, World’s Richest Acre, “Celebration.” Snowhill adjacent to World’s Richest Acre Park.
  • Heritage Holiday in Historic Homes tour: Devonne Godfrey Petty, Thrash-Langley, Head-Bolton, Dickson L. Griffin



  • Arbor Day kick-off for DKC home 130th Birthday year
  • National Preservation Month Activities
  • Vintage Fashion Benefit, DKC Home
  • Dr. Archie McDonald’s — “History of WWII through Music”
  • Jazz Under the Derricks
  • Dean-Keener-Crim House new picket fence installed
  • Trail of Lights kick-off Lighting Ceremony, World’s Richest Acre. “A Star Spangled Celebration.” SnowMountain adjacent to World’s Richest Acre Park
  • Heritage Holiday in Historic Homes tour: Reinhart-Walker, Morton-Dupre, Jenkins-Beane, Potter Patton


2007 – KHPF 20th Year

  • Main Street Kilgore commences (encore!)
  • National Preservation Month Activities
  • Dean-Keener-Crim House tour with Maude Laird Middle School Junior Historians as docents
  • Dean-Keener-Crim House Public Tours
  • Jazz Under the Derricks
  • Picnic in the WRA Park
  • Environmental study update Crim/Texan Theaters
  • Publication of Vol. II- Kilgore History



  • Annual Meeting in January
  • Derrick Committee developed Master Plan for the Union Pacific Railroad Right-of-Way.
  • Sidewalk installed on World’s Richest Acre linking to KIBA gate and providing disabled visitors access to the park.
  • Boom, musical, written by Dr. Lottie Guttry staged at KHS auditorium for three performances
  • Recognized City for re-roofing Crim Theater.
  • Crim and Texas Theater lease reverted back to City and other taxing entities with pledge from KHPF to continue to support preservation and reuse efforts.
  • City began Phase I of Main Street Streetscape Improvements and KHPF accepted mini derricks from downtown sidewalks to place in future park.
  • Renovation begun on Old Post Office Building with all exterior and interior windows re-furbished; painting of lobby and postmaster office walls, sign to name
  • building Kilgore History and Art Center approved and erected
  • Survey of the Dean Keener Crim House property was completed.
  • Completed the fourth Kilgore Gateway Derick at I-20 and Hwy 42
  • Christmas in the Patch Derrick Lighting Ceremony – ‘Tis the Season with Kilgore College presidents honored
  • Holiday Happenings I Historic Homes with Stroope-Thrower, Walkup-Simpson, McCartney-Crews, Kilgore Public Library
  • Began I-20 Access contract for wireless
  • KHPF received the prestigious “Texas Best Partner Award” from Texas Historical Commission Main Street



  • Annual Meeting in January
  • Dedication of Roosth Hwy 42 Derrick in honor of W. F. “Bobby” Swanson
  • Thursdays in the Patch events at WRA park from summer to fall
  • Continued restoration of Kilgore History and Art Center: all grates and rails stripped and painted; office floor refinished and lobby floor polished; lead paint removed from back portion of building.
  • Membership Drive during Preservation Month in May
  • President’s Council met in June to consider projects
  • Texas Highway article published
  • Wildflower garden at pump jack on WRA Park planted
  • Benches and pet waste receptacle added to WRA Park
  • WRA t-shirts purchased to sell
  • Ornament of Kilgore High School Building ordered to sell
  • Received photographs and negatives from the Scorr and Dobbins studios
  • Assisted Gregg County Historic Commission with website of Kilgore markers
  • Emergency communications devices placed on select derricks by City
  • Holiday Happenings in Historic Homes with Smith-Harder-Johnston, Downs-Hale, Godfrey-Perry-Abell, the Brown loft, Old City Hall loft
  • Christmas in the Patch Derrick Lighting Ceremony – A Celebration of Start with Rangerette Officers honored
  • Accepted movie projectors from 4 Star Cinema and Byron Berkley



  • Annual Meeting in January
  • Life on Kilgore’s Unforgettable Streets covering Kilgore in the 40’s through 60’s was written and published by Caleb Pirtle with photos from KHPF archive files.
  • Book slipcases were ordered to hold all three published volumes.
  • Railing added to WRA Park stage and benches added to park
  • Plaques for benches and stage installed
  • Repaired back porch area of Kilgore History and Art Center
  • KHPF received bids for roof and foundation repairs to the Dean Keener Crim House.
  • Junior Historians of the Maude Laird Middle School worked with KHPF on local history projects until disbanded this year.
  • Refurbished Merry Christmas sign
  • Added pulleys for managing signage on derricks
  • Thursdays in the Patch entertainment events held on World’s Richest Acre in the spring and fall with Dane and Whitehead, Shake Rattle and Roll, Wally Fowler Trio, George Faber Trio, Jazz Professors
  • Holiday Trail of Lights kicked-off with Derrick Lighting Ceremony – Our Favorite Things
  • Holiday Happenings in Historic Homes with Kimbell, Tyeskie, Banks and Gee



  • Annual Meeting in January
  • By-Laws were rewritten and approved.
  • Derrick Award established to recognize individuals or organizations who have made significant contributions to KHPF.
  • Thursdays in the Patch renamed to Derrick Stars event and held in March, April, May, September and October with Whitehead, Lee Fiddlers, KHS Orchestra
  • Lacy Williams Derrick Dedication held on Union Pacific Railroad Right-of-Way with Railroad Commissioner Elizabeth Ames-Jones.
  • Historic Shell sign restored on railroad right-of-way
  • Derrick at Bold Quarters lights allowed to be turned on year-round.
  • City Main Street Streetscape Phase II completed at World’s Richest Acre
  • Formerly dedicated easement for fire access on World’s Richest Acre released to allow new utility construction
  • Main Street’s Fridays After Five concert series held on World’s Richest Acre stage
  • Made history presentation to Kilgore Chamber Leadership Class
  • KHPF vacant lot at Commerce and South Street chosen for Mini Derrick Park with design by landscape architect Shelley Potter, Potter & Associates
  • A request for proposals was issued to architectural design firms for the Kilgore History and Art Center with Museum Arts chosen to develop the interior design for the project
  • Crim Theater poster frames and movie posters donated to KHPF archives by T. J. Broom
  • KHPF’s cookbook, A Taste of History, was published with proceeds going to the Dean Keener Crim House project.
  • Christmas Tree Park was refurbished
  • Two derricks on WTA were painted
  • KHPF supported the Eagle Scout project to place a Texas Historical Marker on the site of the off-shore wells in the Sabine River on River Road off of Highway 42.
  • Photographs and negatives received from the Hagan files of the 1930s
  • Selected photographs and all books were placed online for purchase on the website www.venturegalleries.com
  • Abbreviated version of the first book, Kilgore – Boom for the Ages, was written and published by Caleb Pirtle
  • Christmas in the Patch and Derrick Lighting Ceremony held – The Magic of Christmas
  • Holiday Happenings in Historic Homes Tour – St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Dane-Whitehead, and Adams


2012 – KHPF 25th Year

  • Annual Meeting held in February – Derrick Award presented
  • Leadership Kilgore held a 5k run fund raiser for Derrick Park
  • Clements Derrick restored
  • A fifth photographic book of Kilgore, then and now, begin photography for book to be published 2013
  • A plan for the next phase of the Kilgore History and Art Center was finalized
  • Lighting ceremony theme was “A Texas Christmas”
  • KHPF participated in Mingle Jingle event of Main Street with open house at History and Art Center
  • KHPF introduced new merchandise: caps, tshirts, bags, mugs, post office ornament
  • Holiday Happenings in Historic Homes Tour – St. Luke’s Methodist Church, the Elliot Home, the Whited Home and the Lloyd Bolding barn
  • KHPF participated in Mingle Jingle event of Main Street
  • New Year’s Eve Star Spangled Celebration to benefit KHAC
  • Raising of Star at midnight New Year’s Eve at the World’s Richest Acre



  • Gifted by the Jim and Jean Hollingsworth’s estate at the Annual Meeting
  • Construction drawings completed for KHAC
  • Completed Clements Derrick
  • Partnering with KilGogh and Main Street the second year
  • Derrick Committee applied for a Mueller Helping Hand Grant
  • Kilgore was designated a Union Pacific Train Town
  • Heritage Works began the process to preserve, inventory and label Kilgore Archival Materials
  • DKC house was inspected and leveled
  • Donor funds for erection of Karl F. Edmonds, Jr. Derrick have been received
  • By-Laws changes in Article 4.7, 4.8, 4.9 and 5.7
  • Several KHPF supporters have donated time and money to level the North end of the RRW
  • Lighting Ceremony to honor TSF – cancelled due to rain
  • Holiday Happenings in Historic Homes Tour – postponed until 2014
  • KHPF participated in Mingle Jingle event of Main Street
  • New Year’s Eve Star Ball, fund raiser for KHAC
  • Raising of Star at midnight New Year’s Eve at the World’s Richest Acre for the second year



  • Annual Meeting January, Derrick Awards presented to Caleb Pirtle and Terry Stembridge
  • Membership Drive in May
  • Notebooks compiled of history for board members
  • Preservation Month Event -“Handwork by Two Sisters” Constable “Sis” Dickerson and Marian Dickerson at the Old Post Office History and Art Center
  • Old Post Office construction drawings finalized for work to begin
  • DKC house roof and deteriorated siding replaced
  • Continuation of sales of KHPF books and photographs from archives
  • Merchandise of historical ornaments, tshirts, mugs, note cards,bags, and caps sold
  • Heritage Works of Atlanta, Georgia returned archives that were properly preserved, shelved, and digitized
  • Edmonds derrick started
  • Signage was added to Christmas Tree Park
  • Derrick Park was begun with removal of concrete
  • Website – kilgorehistory.org redesigned
  • Participated in Main Street Mingle and Jingle
  • Christmas the Patch Lighting Ceremony dedicated to salute the 75th anniversary of the Kilgore College Rangerettes
  • Holiday Happenings in Historic Homes featured homes of Anding-Zwick, McMurrey – Hanes, Stephens- Jewell and the Brown-Tate loft along with open house at the Old Post Office History and Art Center
  • New Year’s Eve Raising of Star postponed until December 31, 2015



  • Annual Meeting January, Derrick Awards presented to Amanda Nobles and Jim Hollingsworth (posthumously)
  • DKC House new roof and siding repairs
  • Old Post Office History and Art Center air and heat added to lobby
  • Tables and chairs purchased for OPOHAC
  • Fund raising rummage sale in May



Kilgore Historical Preservation Foundation

A non-profit 501c3 organization promoting, protecting and preserving the heritage of Kilgore, Texas

P.O. Box 885

Kilgore, TX 75663


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